Learn more about our plans

At Dinder Club, we've got a whole bunch of different plans: leisure, sports, cultural, gastronomic, nature and workshops. We're on the lookout for the city's best plans to offer unique experiences, whether it's something we've never tried before or something we love doing again and again. Moreover it's a great way to meet new folks or strengthen connections with those we've already met.

To break the ice and sort out any questions about the plans, there's a group chat for each plan. That's where all the users who signed up for a specific plan will be, along with a plan facilitator who'll be there too. This person will go to the plans too, to give just the right support to promote independence and to facilitate the socialization among the participants.

We always meet at the nearest Metro stop to the activity. There, we all gather, introduce ourselves, and head to the venue or space together.

We really enjoy the experiences, the activities, meeting new people and building those social connections. Once the activity wraps up, we head back to where we initially met to close out the plan.

Afterward, we fill out the Post-Plan questionnaire to give feedback on the whole experience and on the facilitator who came along. This way, we're always ensuring the best plans for Dinder Club members.

Oh, and we can sign up for all the plans we fancy, as long as they don't overlap, of course!