Dinder Club

Bienvenidos y bienvenidas a la primera app de citas y planes para personas con discapacidad intelectual

Conectando personas, construyendo relaciones


Welcome to the first dating and planning app for people with intellectual disabilities.

Connecting people, building relationships


Dinder Club is an application that has the objective to connect people with intellectual disabilities.

This application wants to facilitate friendships or affective relationships between people with intellectual disabilities.

We want same opportunities and rights for people with intellectual disabilities in order to have safely relationships with other people.

Join Dinder Club!

Create your personal profile in the application (APP), explain your interests and discover all that Dinder Club can offer you.

Sign up for the plans

Each week you will have different plans to sign up for so you can do the activities you like best, meet new people and make new friends.

Meet new people

Find out which people have the same interests as you.
When your interests match those of another person you can hit the "like" button.

Chat with your connections

Or join the group chats of your plans and start getting to know the people with whom you will share new experiences.

Download the app

Click on the Google Play Store or the AppStore's icon and download our mobile app.

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ page and find out what we do at Dinder Club.

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our mission (what do we want to achieve?)

Empower our users

We were born with the idea of giving support and accompaniment to people with intellectual disabilities.
We accompany the users of the application so that they make their decisions safely.
We do it by following some basic principles.



Equality between all persons

Dinder Club is a community where many people participate.
All people are diverse, and we may have different interests and ways of thinking, but just as important as yours. It is very important that you respect all the users of Dinder Club.

Promotion of personal autonomy

Respect for inherent dignity, including your freedom as a person to make your own decisions.

Equality between men and women

Adapt the necessary actions so that women have the same opportunities as men.
The Dinder Club community does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of sex or any other condition.

Respect for all persons

Respect and do not discriminate against any person.
We adopt the necessary measures to promote equal rights for all people.

Full accessibility

Provide an application that is easy to use and accessible information that is easy to understand for all users.

Collaboration with social entities

We collaborate with social entities to know the tastes and hobbies of people with intellectual disabilities and create an application (APP) that fits their support needs.
We want to offer a safe environment in the plans and meetings, and accompany the users according to their support needs.

Collaborate with us

Would you like to participate in the project and register people from your social entity?
Contact us for a meeting.



Follow the rules and everything will be fine

To enjoy the best experience at Dinder Club you will have to respect some very easy to follow rules

Check out our club's regulation


Don't pretend to be someone else

Be yourself and you will have an easier time finding like-minded people.

Only add photos that are yours, respecting copyrights*. They must also be real and not hurt anyone's sensibility.

*Copyright: Refers to the ownership of a creative work such as a photograph, a song or a book.

No violence of any kind is allowed

Do not post inappropriate photographs

Respect as you want to be respected