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1. What is Dinder Club?

Dinder Club is a social transformation project aimed at creating and promoting a relational network that facilitates contact and the establishment of social and romantic relationships among individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through the mobile application, the goal is to enhance the quality of life for people within this community.

2. How does the app work?

Dinder Club is structured around a virtual space that facilitates connection among individuals, making virtual socialization tangible through personal encounters and other activities. The app consists of two main features: group plans and individual dates.

Plans: Within the digital platform, a variety of plans of different types are presented, allowing users to sign up and participate freely. The number of people who can join will be limited and will vary based on the activity and organization's capacity. Each plan is accompanied by a Dinder Club facilitator who supports the group during the activity.

Dates: In the dates section, users can find profiles of other users deemed compatible by the app, with the option to connect if both parties are interested in getting to know each other further. Once a connection is established, a chat is initiated, and they can begin talking and propose a date at one of the pre-selected venues.

The profiles displayed in the dates section are chosen through an algorithm that considers the users' preferences and interests to maximize the likelihood of compatibility. All users in a connection group are defined through the profile test.

Both dates and plans include a follow-up questionnaire that users must complete after the encounter, along with a protocol of action based on the responses to ensure the safety of attendees.

3. What is the registration process like? What requirements must be met to register?

Unlike other socializing apps, you must belong to an organization or foundation to access the application, through which the registration process will take place. This requirement is driven by our imperative desire to create a secure environment for users.

The registration process, conducted in person at social entities, involves the collection of personal data, the completion of the Profile and Group Segmentation Test, and finally, the completion of a sex-affectivity test, ensuring that all users have shared knowledge in the field of emotional relationships.

4. What requirements must be met to be part of Dinder Club?

To access the app you must be over 18 years old, be affiliated with a social entity and pass the initial test, have functional literacy and your own mobile phone with internet connectivity and data.

5. What happens if the tests in the initial phase of the registration process are not passed? Is access denied?

In these cases, if the user lacks the basic knowledge assessed in the sex-affectivity test, Dinder Club provides training courses created in collaboration with industry professionals. These courses are designed to equip users with the necessary knowledge to access the app and will be conducted in person.

6. Is Dinder Club an accessible app?

The platform, in mobile application format, is validated with the easy-to-read seal through collaboration with DINCAT, ensuring it is an accessible app tested with potential users. It has been restructured based on feedback and tasks completed during the testing process.

Additionally, the Dinder Club team collaborates with third-sector social action entities to ensure that the application is genuinely accessible and useful for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This collaboration is fundamental to the success of the project.

7. Why was Dinder Club established?

This project originates from a need expressed by an individual with intellectual disabilities. Later, during the initial phase of immersion in the project, it was observed that potential users from the community perceived shortcomings in tools and platforms that could create spaces to foster social and romantic relationships. There was a lack of any digital tool specifically designed to connect individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Furthermore, the priority for the Dinder Club team has always been to create a safe space for users to build equitable relationships. Given that numerous studies indicate a higher incidence of sexual abuse among individuals with intellectual disabilities compared to those without, all app measures revolve around reducing the vulnerability of this community.

Therefore, this project aligns with the desires of the targeted community, which has been actively involved throughout the ideation and creation phases of the application, ensuring their safety while fully exercising their social rights.

8. Why is Dinder Club a social transformation project, more than just an app?

Dinder Club is much more than a dating and social plans app; it has been created to bring about a substantial improvement in the quality of life of the targeted community. Individuals with intellectual disabilities have the same social, emotional, and sexual needs as those without intellectual disabilities, but they often lack the same opportunities for socialization or the establishment of romantic relationships due to environmental limitations and a frequently inadequate emotional-sexual education. The user community typically has a limited relational network and faces a high risk of experiencing abuse and aggression.

That's why we have designed and developed this digital tool, Dinder Club, to fill a void that currently restricts the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities and hinders their full exercise of those rights.

Por eso hemos diseñado y creado esta herramienta digital, Dinder Club, para llenar un vacío que actualmente limita los derechos de las personas con discapacidad intelectual e impide su ejercicio de pleno derecho.

9. In what ways is Dinder Club different from the rest of the existing apps?

Dinder Club is unique in the dating app field due to its approach; it is designed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities and guarantees users a safe relationship environment.

With this digital tool, we can accompany and support them through the process of getting to know a person, respecting privacy and intimacy. This is not currently offered on any digital platform.

10. What prevention measures exist in the app? Are there any types of alerts in individual chats?

Dinder Club has implemented prevention measures through an internal alert system managed from a web platform controlling the application. Only professionals from social entities affiliated with Dinder Club have access to this web platform.

The alert system notifies actions by users, such as responses to satisfaction questionnaires (after each date and plan, users are required to answer a questionnaire) and reports or blocks of other users.

The primary purpose is to prevent any incidents by alerting and providing information to social entities. Dinder Club, in collaboration with UAVDI (Unit for Assistance to Victims with Intellectual Disabilities), and equipped with a team trained in the detection and prevention of abuses against individuals with intellectual disabilities, has established protocols for various situations and a penalty system for users who do not comply with club rules. This ensures a safe environment and effective monitoring of users.

11. Where is Dinder available? It's free?

In this initial phase of the launch, the app is only operational in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, with the intention of expanding to the rest of the country in the coming months.

The app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and PlayStore, although users who wish to register must be affiliated with a social entity.