Do not send money to anyone or share financial information

Never send money to anyone, especially not by bank transfer, even if the person claims to be in an emergency situation.

Do not provide more personal information than is necessary

Never share personal information, such as your home or work address, with strangers.

Use Dinder Club whenever you can

When you are starting to meet someone, you always talk through the Dinder Club platform.

Report any suspicious and offensive behavior

If someone is disrespectful, we want to know. Block and report anyone who violates our terms of use.

Below are some examples of violations:

  • Requests for money
  • Harassment, threats and offensive messages
  • Inappropriate or harmful behavior during an appointment in person or afterwards

Protect your account

Choose a password that is easy to remember and secure.

Meet in public

The first few times stay with the locals who offer through the platform.